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Spaceport Infrastructure

Spaceport infrastructure

In September 2021, South Ayrshire Council and Glasgow Prestwick Airport signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Astraius, the leading UK based, commercially operated horizontal ‘air launch’ company. The video above demonstrates this unique technology, with first launches planned for the end of 2023.

Establishing technically feasible and financially viable space launch services from Glasgow Prestwick Airport (GPA). The investment will be a catalyst to establishing GPA as the leading horizontal launch Spaceport in Europe, providing by 2035 a range of services including micro gravity flights, air launch of satellites up to a mass of 800kg, human space flight and hypersonic flights services.

This builds on Prestwick’s unique combination of attributes: latitude; over sea take off; metrological conditions; and the strong cluster of innovative aerospace companies located adjacent to GPA.

The investment will be in infrastructure to ensure that GPA is able to operate as a spaceport, including fuel storage, mixing areas, and blast protection. In addition, there will be investment to provide infrastructure for launch service providers (LSP) including a satellite integration facility, payload processing facility, mission control and range management systems.

These ambitious strategic projects will build on the established business base. They will transform the local economy through local, high-value job creation; strong regional supply chains; tackle weak productivity; low job density; deliver skills required by the space and aerospace industries; and attract and retain talented people.

The spaceport at Prestwick is being funded by £18 million from the UK Government, and £5 million from the Scottish Government.

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