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Marine Tourism

Marine Tourism

The Marine Tourism project is a tourism development and place project that develops the essential infrastructure to support marine tourism (mainland/island/Outer Clyde) building significant additional capacity within the region and Outer Clyde.

The components of the Marine Tourism Investment are the provision of a major extension to Ardrossan Marina and step-ashore facilities at both Cumbrae and Arran.

The Marine Tourism project will focus on securing infrastructure to support key components such as sailing and boating, marine leisure, and recreation in North Ayrshire. Investment at Ardrossan, Arran and Cumbrae will showcase the potential of the Clyde coast region as an inclusive and accessible place for active leisure, through the expansion of Ardrossan marina to be one of the largest marinas in Scotland, and the development of transit marinas at Arran and Cumbrae.

This project will receive funding of £9.5 million from the Scottish Government.

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